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Posted on 2005.10.22 at 21:24
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Walking back to our apartment from where I parked the car, I passed by a neighbor's open back door. Warm air was blowing out, carrying with it the humidity and scent of laundry drying in a clothes drier. It offered this lovely and welcome contrast, that warm air, to the near chill of the overcast twilight world. I wanted to stand there and bask in it. It felt both wistful and hopeful.

Wistful because of the recent letter from my father, who wrote to tell me that my mom's weight is down to 83 pounds, and the hospice worker told him that, literally any time now, she could go to sleep and just not wake up again. I know that my dad's health is also failing, and even if it wasn't -- there's little chance of his continuing on without my mom around to goad him into it. So, yeah.... I cannot really think about this right now, you know? It seems like it's been stretched out for so long already. I just want my mom's suffering to end, and my dad's as well.

October passes. Cool days are starting to feel normal. Hallowe'en decorations adorn many of the apartments around us. Black and orange crepe paper, paper cut-outs and plastic spiders. Ghostly silver cobwebs. Cardboard skeletons and glossy, comic-looking bats. Actual pumpkins still to come. At night the sky is a failing sort of pink. Mornings, the car is covered with dew.

I paid bills today and bought some comic books: first three issues of the comic serialization of Shaun of the Dead (published by IDW), which are going to stay in plastic with cardboard backing; Lore: book one, by T P Louise and Ashley Wood (IDW); and The Hollow Grounds, by Luc & François Schuiten (Humanoids/DC Comics). Also got a copy of Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys for Nuala.

The books came thanks to Nuala's and my walk around the local downtown shops. We were simply looking at this and that. I tried on a pair of Chip and Pepper jeans that were very cool and almost obnoxiously trendy. Saw some killer Ben Sherman clothes, too. We wound up in the comic book store because I parked in front of it. So there you go. What can I say? I am weak in the face of comic books, graphic novels and the like.

My work week is about to return to a solid forty hours per. My typing speed has improved since I began this job. When I first began, I could manage an average of (don't laugh) 6000 characters per hour. Now I am averaging between eight and nine thousand. There are rumors that the company is going to be permanently hiring on those temps who, like me, have remained since the job was offered. I think I'm pretty much happy about it. In any case, it's a decent paycheck I'm receiving for my labor and that's what counts most at this time in my life. Who wants to be close to one's co-workers, anyway? Fuckin' straight-ass, non-geek normies.

This entry both says a bunch o' stuff and nothing much at all. Big surprise, yeah? I still haven't even talked about how wonderful was the Sigur Rós concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

Speaking of music, here's a short "Moody recommends..." list:
  • Amina: Opened for Sigur Rós and are, effectively, their "accompaniment". Soft, mysterious, sometimes spare, often richly textured, effusive, enchanting music by very talented musicians.

  • The Sunshine Fix: Psychedelic, `sixties style rock that is nonetheless original for all its obvious roots; catchy tunes, good lyrics. Related to Olivia Tremor Control.

  • Super Furry Animals: Imagine that some Welsh rockers grew up listening to music ranging from Motown to the Gorillaz.... No, trust me!

  • The New Pornographers: Clever, catchy lyrics, strong hooks, fun and fully-fleshed-out tunes.... All that and Neko Case, too! W00t! Pop with nutritional value!

  • TV On The Radio: Akin to SFA but with a more serious leaning. Imagine a laid-back Living Color touched by and tuned into that good sense that made Motown's legends, along with the good sense of `seventies political consciousness. Got that? Okay, now throw in some doo-wop here and stratospherically tuned guitars there and, well, I hope you get the idea.

  • Meshuggah: Hardcore tech metal that undoes all pre-conceived notions of what real hardcore metal is supposed to sound like. Sheer, unadulterated, polyrhythmic madness.

Okay, that's all for me this evening.

Amina, "Fjarskanistan"

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