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19 July
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Ah, my moleskine (pronounced mole'uh-skee'na)... my virtual moleskine! Already I have changed so much since I began all this, it's hard to decide what to say about myself in this "bio" portion. I am not who I was then, and am not who I will become. Also, I don't want to spill a bunch of dry, relatively unchanging facts about myself here. It would feel trite (it has before). But you'll want something, right? Some sense of who I am at a glance? Right. Try this:

My Reading List for 2005
My Reading List for 2004

What there is to know about me "at a glance" may best be gleaned from the above reading lists, from perusing my Interests list below, from viewing my LJ gallery (I also have a Flickr account, naturally) and, perhaps best, from checking out some of the entries in my Memories section.

There's also my Amazon.com Wish List. I'm not asking anyone to get me anything; the list is just a good indicator of things I like and am interested in.

Oh, yes, you also might want to know that I'm a member of the... [I Suppport Darwin!].

I also appreciate and generally approve of: The Church of Reality

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