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Katrina's Consequences...

Posted on 2005.09.19 at 13:52
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Summary of how it went down:

>>> Wikipedia is now offering up a Hurricane Katrina timeline.

>>> Another piece, this one covering the timeline of the "blame game" (courtesy of ginmar's journal): "Right-Wing Myths About Katrina, Debunked". [Updated with this link. 2005.09.19 at 21:54.]

Summary of who's profiting on Katrina's aftermath:

>>> The Project On Government Oversight offers revelations that ought to piss you off.

Racism and Katrina's Wake:

>>> Pandagon: Race Archives. If you or someone you know is having problems sorting out the race-related issues raised of late by everyone from Giraldo Rivera and Kanye West to any number of others (famous to anonymous), you owe it to yourself to peruse the entries at Pandagon. Read it back to Katrina's landing date (and further). Do check out the right-hand sidebar on the main page for a listing of people who made a truly positive difference following the arrival of Katrina.

>>> The Raw Story gives the low-down on NOLA's exposed power structure. Their ongoing coverage is well worth the discomfort you may feel reading it.

>>> "America Doesn't Care About Black People" -- Part 1/Part 2 (brought to you by Leiter Reports). Mind you, I'm of the opinion that this is perhaps better expressed as "Dominant, rich, white Americans (like those of the Bush klan) especially don't care about brown people in general... or in particular".

>>> Some NOLA losses -- which are America's losses -- are not being reported, such as the loss of the heart of Hoodoo culture. This is a powerful, personal account from a man intimately familiar with New Orleans.

>>> Crooks And Liars offers a good many media clips to assist in backing up all of the above material.

Sepultura, "Roots Bloody Roots"

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